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 The album itself measures approximately 13"(h) x 11 1/4"(w).  The self-adhesive pages comfortably accommodate 8 1/2 x 11 page with approximately 1/2" excess at the top and bottom, and they measure 12 1/4" x 10 1/2". 

 After completing each page, you return it to its acid-free, lignin-free protector.  A variety of photo pages and additional self-adhesive pages may be purchased at your local Hallmarktm store so that you may continuously add to your adoption story, creating a living record as time goes on. 

It will last a lifetime.

  Here are a few sample pages from the book.  You may click on any page to see a 3/4 size image of that page. 

Each book comes with: 
  • Padded Chinese Silk Brocade post bound Cover
  • 18 fill-in-the-blank pages
  • One Blank page that has only the border and a graphic design so that you may use it for photos or other memorabilia
  • One Lined page with a border and graphic so that you may add additional text if desired
  • One set of post extensions
  • Self adhesive page protectors for each two pages (total of 10)
  • Pages are all printed on acid-free, lignin-free paper with archival quality inks. 
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Each page has a hand colored Chinese design to accent your story.
This is just a sample of the graphics that are used through out the book.
(Birth page)
  With the addition of a single page, the Optional "Birth-Page" a family can include events that happened before the adoption.  This page is free of charge, but optional, so that a family can taylor the book to their own way of telling the adoption story.

 Additional extension posts, blank pages and/or lined pages may be purchased from China Memories as needed.  They maybe be ordered individually or in sets of 12. 

  Do to the ready availability of the Hallmarktm  page protectors, they are not provided with the additional pages.  Check with your local Hallmarktm  store or check their web-site. (click on the Hallmark link)

(Blank page)
You can also download a 2 page color borchure that includes an order form, by clicking on the  Brochure Icon.

Or a copy of our catalog can be downloaded by clicking here.

These are PDF files which requires Adobe Acrobat

(Lined page)
The single parent version is the same as the two parent version, but all of the "we's" have been changed to "I's",  also, on the second or third page there is room for you to fill in details about yourself.  On the two parent version, there is a place for "siblings", this has been change to "extended family and friends"on the single parent version. 

Otherwise, the books are the same.

The single parent version has been kept, so that either a single Mom or a single Dad could use it. 

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