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 You can now get a Photo Album that matches your "Memory Book"!  This is the same cover that is covered with Chinese Silk Brocade used for the memory books but with out the pages and page protectors, or for the same price as the "Memory Book" with 20 Blank Pages and 10 Protectors.  If you wish to use your own pages check with us to make sure they will work with the post-bound system used. 

(Custom holes for the Photo Album can be done if you provide us with a sample of the page to be used.) 

 Additional extension posts and/or blank pages may be purchased from China Memories as needed to extend your Photo Album.  The pages maybe be ordered individually, or in sets of 12 if you are wishing to keep the same theme as the "Memory Book".
 Do to the availability of the Hallmarktm  page protectors, they are not provided with the additional pages.  Check with your local Hallmarktm  store or check their web-site. (click on the Hallmark link)
 Also available is a Brag Album made for a single 4" X 6" photo per page. This album is expandable as well, and it comes with 15 pages (room for 30 pictures) to start you out. Additional pages maybe ordered in sets of 5 Pages (10 pictures). 

 The Brag Album is covered in the same fabric as the "Memory Book" and Photo Album (see Order Page for fabric selections not available in all memory book fabrics), instead of being post-bound like the "Memory Book" and Photo Album it is held together with a decorative cord, and does not have a padded cover.  High quality from Jurgensen's International. Small enought to fit in Gradma's purse and a great gift for your child to give to relatives.

 We are offering the "Fill in the Blank Story" separately, for those that already have an album purchased and not started, or received one as a gift.  This will allow you to get your child's story started and to add to it as time allows. 

This too is available with or without the Hallmarktm  page protectors.  It is the same story as is in the "Memory Book",  and printed on the same acid-free, lignin-free paper with archival quality inks.

See the Samples page for additional information on the story and  3/4 size images of some pages.

  Additional Archival Supplies 
1. Abbey Publications pH Testing Pens - When a small mark is made with this pen, on an inconspicuous area of a document (you can often trim a bit off of one edge of a document to test) you can see if the paper is acidic or alkaline. Although it does not give the specific pH, it is enough for most consumer purposes. 
2. Archival Mist by PLP Laboratories - This is a fine spray that, when sprayed on a paper, will remove the acid content from the paper thus greatly increasing the life of the paper.  Although it is not safe to use directly on photographs, it is safe for other substances that may come in contact with a photographs. (click for PDF document)
3. Zig Memory Calligraphy Markers (black only) - These are made with permanent, waterproof, archival quality ink. Each pen has 2 different tips (click for picture).  Completing the pages of your memory book with this marker will give an affect similar to the font that has been use to print the pages of the book. 
To order any of these items or a "Memory Book" follow the link Order Page and fill in your choices for the products you to purchase.
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